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Whether you are a new collector or have been building displays for a number of years, Village Display Tips, DVDS & Village Display Updates are invaluable sources for ideas and techniques. These are only some of the subjects covered.


Large displays can be as easy as creating small vignettes if you know how to organize them. Village Display Tips gives you several alternative methods. The Updates provide even more easy to follow step-by-step procedures.

Have limited space? Want to appreciate them throughout the year? There are many clever ideas to find more room to display, make shelf displays more interesting and creating seasonal vignettes.

Do your favorite pieces come in several villages? Pick and choose the pieces you like the best. You can merge them into one display or pieces from several villages can be effectively combined. Several techniques can be applied for stunning results.

Personalize your village. Make your village unique. There are hundreds of ways you can do that. It adds an extra dimension of fun and you and your veiwers will marvel at the final results.

Building up conserves space and makes a display more realistic and interesting. What are the secrets to creating eye-catching elevations?

What are the easiest and most time-efficient ways displays can be increased each year to accommodate new pieces, without starting from scratch each year?

There are numerous ways to simulate water. This is only one of them. There are several very effective methods explained in both Village Display Tips & Updates. Use several in your Villages to peek the interests of your viewers!

Bring your villages to life with trains scaled for these village settings. Do you know which ones they are? Trains are not the only movement that can be added. Learn how to animate your villages in many different ways!

Every year more exciting pieces can be added. Learn ways to revamp the old display to add the new. Display ideas for individual pieces get your creative juices flowing. Get a head start in next year's planning.

And, lots more.

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