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Thousands of books have been sold to collectors in almost every state in the country and most of the providences in Canada. It has been very well received by collectors. Here are some comments by several collectors who have purchased Village Display Tips and Village Display Updates.

"Received the new book yesterday. Read it from cover to cover! Like all the other Display Tips -- it's wonderful!! Yes, lots of great new ideas."

Nina L. - Florida

"I thought that the book in its entirety was terrific. The overall quality and organization of material was outstanding. Certainly having many contributors with different points of view and ways of doing things added to the value of the book - much more so than if it was all written from one person's perspective. I also found it enjoyable seeing pictures of many different displays."

Jim F. - New Jersey

"I love collecting lighted houses, but I didn't know how to display them very well. I'm so glad that finally there is a resource that is easy to understand, providing so many good ideas. I would never have thought about most of them myself."

Liz B. - Nebraska

"I received your book and I have already tried several of the techniques featured in it. They were fun to make and I know my display never looked better. Thank you for all of your hard work to create Village Display Tips."

Fran S. - Maryland

"I'm excited about getting this, because I look forward to seeing how my display can be improved."

Ron W. - Texas

"Please send ASAP as I am in the process of building a bigger village than the one I had, and I am looking for some new ideas."

Connie D. - New York

"I received your book and was very impressed with the quality and content. It is so much better to see the pictures in color. Now I would like a subscription for the Updates. I know they will help me just as much."

Ed L. - Illinois

"I'm always looking for new ideas. Your book is terrific."

Dave G. - California

"I just received your book yesterday and didn't put it down until I finished it. I'm so excited and motivated to begin working on my displays. Thank you. I really am enjoying it and learned a lot."

Susan W. - Alabama

"There aren't many places around here to gather ideas. I'm so glad I found this book. It has been my salvation."

Arlene M. - Alaska

"We would like to thank you for all the time, work and effort you put into publishing the "Village Tips" book. We are trying and experimenting with many of your suggestions. It is exciting to have been given these suggestions."

Dick & Mary B. - Indiana

"I am a new collector and I didn't know how to start to display them. I am so glad I found this book! I enjoy the Updates too!"

Kim B. - Washington

"I thought I ran out of room to display my many buildings, but your book gave me many more ideas to use the space better, and to find new areas to display my collection."

Sandy P. - Colorado




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